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Type Conversion in JavaScript [Tech Interview Quiz]

Last updated Jan 10, 2023

Type conversion in JavaScript is a tricky topic for beginners. If you don’t know it well, you’ll create may untentional bugs that could be invisible at a first glance. That’s why Senior interviewers like to start testing your JavaScript knowledge with the type system.

Consider the following code snippet.

Code snippet as a picture

let str = '1';
str = +!str;
console.log(typeof str);

What’s going to be printed to the console? (think well, then click for the answer and explanation)


The first line, defines the variable str and initializes it as a string with the value '1'.

The second line of code does two typecasts, first the exclamation mark converts the string into boolean and negates it with !str . This gives you false.

Then the plus sign converts boolean into a number with +false which returns 0. The number 0 is saved into the variable str.

Eventually, in the third line, the typeof operator looks up the current type of str which is number.


String number will be printed to the console.