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# Become a Software engineer

Hey there 👋. Welcome to Coderslang Knowledge Hub. It’s great to have you here!

For the past few years I’ve been calling myself Coderslang Master, as I’ve been helping thousands of people to learn to code and become software engineers.

Apart from teaching I have a full-time job where I lead the team of engineers to building “the next big thing” and a bunch of side-projects. The most recent one is Timeattic, a service that allows you to create a personal website (a digital garden) from a set of markdown notes.

I’m also writing a newsletter where I share everything I know about software development and building startups. Once you get your first job as a developer, you can continue following me to learn more getting from zero to one, learning from failure and ultimately succeeding.

Next steps you can take from here:

It’s really great to have you around here and I hope you’ll find Coderslang useful in your software engineering journey.

P.S. Learning is about enjoying the process without trying to rush the results. Good luck!